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Principal: Rocky Schumann
Phone: 707-792-4771

El Camino translates to “the El Co way.” El Camino High School is an intervention to help students get back on track or “on their way” to graduate. We promote student success through care, commitment, and individualized support.

The primary purpose of El Camino High School is to provide credit deficient, at-risk students the opportunity to succeed academically and earn a high school diploma. The program will provide a supportive environment with specialized curriculum, instruction, and guidance to overcome barriers in learning. Our continuation school's small size helps to create a close relationship between students and educators, providing a dual emphasis upon academic instruction and personal guidance. This enables students to more effectively recapture credits, complete their graduation requirements, and leave our school with a high school diploma and a plan for post-secondary educational or vocational opportunities.

2023 El Camino Commencement Ceremony

Please enjoy our live broadcast covering the 2023 El Camino Graduation Ceremony

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